Our Team


  • Anju Sherpa – Loving wife of Dorji Sherpa and mother of Sharon, Sherry, and Sarah Sherpa. Anju had the motivation to travel to the crash site in Shikharpur, Nepal. Anju initiated the Puja ceremony at the site, the building of the Chorten at the site, and the founding the SKY Memorial Foundation to support the schools in the Shikharpur VDC. Anju passed from this world in 2014 and is solely missed by all.

Board of Directors

  • Dorji Sherpa – Born 1954 in Namche Bazar, Nepal. After graduation from college in Kathmandu Mr. Sherpa worked in travel, trekking and aviation. Mr. Sherpa is the Chairman of SKY Memorial Foundation, Trustee of the Nepal Vipassana Center, Secretary of Curry Without Worry, and Joint Secretary of the Nepal Golf Association. Father to Sharon, Sherry and Sarah.
  • Sharon Sherpa – Born 1978 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Ms. Sherpa is the Vice Chair for International Development for the SKY Memorial Foundation. Ms. Sherpa was the first Miss Beautiful of Nepal in 1995. Currently Ms. Sherpa resides in the USA working for White Himal TV of New York on the program ‘On the Spot with Sharon Sherpa’. Daughter of Dorji and Anju Sherpa.
  • Misa Hayashi – Born 1960 in Fukuoka, Japan. After graduation from music college Ms. Hayashi has taught music since 1983. Mother to Yuki, Keitaro and Miho.
  • Toshiaki Hayashi – Born 1957 in Ishikawa, Japan. After graduation from aeronautic college Mr. Hayashi has been a mechanical engineer at a Japanese airline since 1980. Father to Yuki, Keitaro and Miho.
  • Howard Fallon – Born 1948 in Seaford, Delaware, USA. After graduation from college Mr. Fallon has worked at the University of California. Father to Zachary, Shane and Kendra.

Advisory Board

  • Boris Shekhets – Father of Irina Shekhets and President of the Irina Shekhets Memorial Scholarship Fund (ISMSF). http://www.ismsf.org
  • Marianna Shamis – Sister of Irina Shekhets and Advisory Board of the Irina Shekhets Memorial Scholarship Fund (ISMSF). http://www.ismsf.org
  • Nina Highfill – Buddhist devotee who meditates in Nepal, is friends of the Sherpa and Fallon families, and has travel to Shikharpur. Nina along with Jeff are sponsors for the development of the road to Shikharpur named Anju Marga.
  • Jeff Highfill – Buddhist devotee who meditates in Nepal, is friends of the Sherpa and Fallon families, and has travel to Shikharpur. Jeff along with Nina are sponsors for the development of the road to Shikharpur named Anju Marga.
  • Eiko Hirakawa – Grandmother of Yuki Hayashi who visited Shikharpur in 2011 and distributed school bags and slippers to the Bakiya School children.
  • K. P. Maskay – Managing Director for One World Travel and Tours.
  • Dil Bahadur Ghising – Former Constituent Assembly Member from the Makawanpur District. Chairman of the Janta Higher Secondary School in Phaparbari.
  • Bijay Gurung – Formerly in the Indian Army. Mr. Gurung is the uncle of Sarah Sherpa (Anju Sherpa’s brother) and he was involved in the construction of Stupa.
  • Amit Gurung – Responsible for games and other extracurricular activities at the Shikharpur villages.
  • Nima Sherpa – Born in Nepal Mr. Sherpa is a trekking guide and business owner.
  • Caryl Sherpa – Born in Michigan, USA, Ms. Sherpa is a writer, business owner, designer, project manager and consultant. Ms. Sherpa lives in Nepal and is the author of “I Taste Fire, Earth, Rain: Elements of a Life with a Sherpa” plus the blog “Living Abroad in Nepal.”
  • Hiroshi Ishikawa – Born in Japan, Mr. Ishikawa was the CEO of Saiyu Travel, a Japanese tour operator for travelers seeking adventure in Nepal. Mr. Ishikawa has retired in Kathmandu and now works with the SKY Memorial Foundation helping the disadvantaged children in Shikharpur.
  • Robindra Subba – After graduation from an engineering college in Mangalore, India, Mr. Subba become the Principal of the Himali Boarding School in Darjeeling, India.
  • Kamal Tuladhar– Born in Nepal Mrs. Tuladhar is currently the Director of the Bluebird Mall, Chairwomyn of Furniture Land Store Pvt. Ltd., Managing Director of Kool Kidz Store, Executive Member of Bal Bhojan: Children Food Programme Nepal, Executive Director of Rakshya Nepal, and former General Secretary and Vice President of ASMAN.

Staff in Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Dorji Sherpasee Board of Directors
  • Sherry Sherpa – Born 1981 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Ms. Sherpa is the Secretary of the SKY Memorial Foundation who is responsible for the SKY on-site administration in Shikharpur, volunteer coordination plus accommodation, Health Post management,  and the coordination of SKY School’s equipment and supply.

Bakiya Staff in Shikharpur, Nepal

  • Prem Bahadur Gole – The chairman of the Bakiya School Management Committee whose grandfather established the Bakiya School. Mr. Gole is responsible for all major construction such as the SKY buildings, health post, and other structures.
  • Pema Lama – Committee member of the Bakiya School. He was the in charge of the Stupa construction project. His uncle is a Monk who is now responsible for the Stupa’s care and the yearly Pūjā ritual.
  • Raj Deo Mahato – Head Master of the Bakiya School for the last 18 years who launched a new Class VI with SMF support. Mr. Mahato is responsible for all school activities.
  • Karna and Maili Bolan – Karna and Maili are the caretakers of the Stupa. They are responsible for cleaning and regularly burning incense at the Stupa. This couple assist the SMF staff when they’re in Shikharpur by cooking, providing housing and facilitating staff needs.
  • Bal Bir Waiba – Bakiya Village Elder responsible for the irrigation, road construction and other development projects.
  • Prem Gole – Manager of SMF onsite in Bakiya. Mr. Gole visits all the far flung SKY Schools that SMF is providing with educational materials and financial support to monitor attendance and school performance. He visits Kathmandu regularly to confer and receive guidance from the SMF Staff in Kathmandu.
  • Bijya Gurungsee Advisory Board
  • Mr. Amit Gurungsee Advisory Board